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We handle our chocolate-covered strawberries and luxury chocolate treats with the greatest care. but there are a number of allergens that are included in these products.


Please read the below information and let us know about any allergies or food intolerances you might have.

All of our products contain full or traces of below allergens:

Cereal Allergens

Allergen 1

Cereals containing gluten and products thereof

Egg Allergen

Allergen 3

Eggs and products thereof

Peanut Allergen

Allergen 5

Peanuts and products thereof

Soy Allergen

Allergen 6

Soybeans and products thereof

Milk Allergen

Allergen 7

Milk and products thereof including lactose

Nuts Allergen

Allergen 8

All kinds of nuts except peanuts

Sesame seeds Allergen

Allergen 11

Sesame seeds and products thereof

Sulphates Allergen

Allergen 12
Sulphur dioxide and sulphates.